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European Tree Species Distribution Maps

Did you know that sycamore trees do not grow naturally in Great Britain or in Denmark? Were you aware that the European beech tree can be found on Corsica and Sicily, but not on Sardinia?

Verbreitung Bergahorn
Distribution of the sycamore in Europe. Click on map to enlarge. Source: EUFORGEN
Verbreitung Weisstanne
Distribution of the silver fir in Europe. Click on map to enlarge. Source: EUFORGEN

The website of the European Forest Genetic Resources Programme (EUFORGEN) is ideal for finding out where the European tree species grow. Distribution maps of 110 tree species are available, and can be downloaded in three formats.

There is information on a comprehensive range of trees; from widespread tree species such as the aspen (Populus tremula) or the small-leafed lime (Tilia cordata) to typical mountain species such as the common larch (Larix decidua) or the Swiss stone pine (Pinus cembra) or even Mediterranean species such as the Aleppo pine (Pinus halepensis) or the cork oak (Quercus suber). Also lesser known trees such as the Italian alder (Alnus cordata) or the Oriental beech (Fagus orientalis) are included.


Since 1995 The European Forest Genetic Resources Programme EUFORGEN has been coordinating the conservation of forest genetic resources throughout the whole of Europe. The 28 member states (2019) work together on a voluntary basis.

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