Beyond the scope of standard dictionaries you often cannot find relevant forestry terms. The "Dictionary Environment and Forestry" is a comprehensive, handy and competent work with more than 30.000 terms related to environment and forestry. It is written by Walter Warkotsch (Munich) and Renate Prüller (Vienna). The second, revised and extended edition includes besides the part German / English now also the part English / German. This book is an essential tool for everyone dealing with forest, wood and timber but furthermore biology, ecology, environment and nature protection.

Warkotsch, W.; Prüller, R. (2010)

Dictionary Environment and Forestry

English / German
German / English

Verlag Kessel
Price: 35,00 €
Volume: 484 pages
ISBN (10): 3-935638-00-0
ISBN (13): 978-3-935638-00-5

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