"It is not about predicting the future, but being ready for it." Perikles

Crisis management – do I need this in my forest? The answer is “Yes”! Enterprises and administrative bodies should adjust to the increase in extreme weather events and climate change and take necessary precautions. A lot can be learnt from the business sector and from experts from the fire service or civil defence. Hurricanes, forest fires, public dissatisfaction or badly injured forestry workers are only some of the examples of crises and catastrophes which require crisis management by a forestry enterprise.

Crisis can be caused by natural events or by human (mis)behaviour (e.g. accidents, fraud). These crises disrupt business operations, but also damage a business’s reputation and even lead to a loss of trust by citizens, customers and employees.

To date, actively preparing for crisis management has only played a role in a few forest administrations and enterprises. Yet, a crisis situation depends exactly on acting quickly and providing information and explanations rapidly. This Topic Collection should support forestry enterprises before and during a crisis situation. Because being well prepared, allows a crisis to be dealt with more easily and more quickly.

Forest Crises Management Advisory Guide

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