In an extensive rework the models within the computer based productivity model HeProMo have been updated and completed with new models missing so far, particularly with data regarding full-tree harvesting operations using a tower yarder with a mounted processor as well as harvesting operations for energy wood. Furthermore models for evaluation of stem wood volume, energy wood volume and biomass volume have been created. Potential users are forest enterprises, private forest operators, forest administrations as well as researchers and scientists.

The main application areas of HeProMo are:

    • estimation of productivity and cost for wood harvesting operations (preliminary calculation)
    • making and reviewing offers for wood harvesting operations
    • easy checking of the influence of the entry values on the result (sensitivity analysis)
    • utilisation in teaching

      The productivity models are programmed in Java wherefore they can be used on any IT platform. They are equipped with a user-friendly menu navigation. For every single model the basic data and the modelling process are well documented and integrated into the model.


      New Version 2021: (37 MB)

      Note: Unpacking the downloaded zip-file, you are getting the file "hepromo.jar". You may start this file by double-clicking it. Therefore on your computer there has to be installed an actual Java-Version (at least Java 1.7).

      Windows users: if the application does not start by double-clicking on HeProMo.jar, even if Java is installed on the computer, you can download HeProMo.exe and copy it into the same directory as HeProMo.jar. Afterwards, the application can be started by double-clicking on HeProMo.exe.

      Translation: Fritz Frutig (WSL)