Storage costs

Experiences from "Lothar" and "Wiebke" showed that total costs of wet storage over a period of one year vary between 14 €/m³and 16 €/m³. Total investment costs amounted to 1.75 €/m³-11.00 €/m³ (averaging at 5.20 €/m³- 7.50 €/m³). Already existing facilities, like log landings and suitable landing sites alongside roads which can carry high loads, reduced the costs per m³ considerably. Calculating additional costs resulting from road and site building proved to be delicate. Costs for setting up water extraction systems and provision of electricity were high but manageable. Costs for transport and on-site handling averaged out at 4.00 €/m³- 6.50 €/m³ (depending on transport distance). Due to these high costs, which amount to approx. double the annual maintenance costs, it is recommendable to only roll in timber from nearby forests.

Annual maintenance costs vary between 2.75 €/m³- 3.50 €/m³.

 Wet storage site incl. road construction*, trenches, culverts1,00–1,60€/m³
 Water extraction system1,40€/m³
 Technical equipment (Pumps, piping, sprinklers)*2,00–2,50€/m³
 Power supply*1,50–2,00€/m³
 Labour costs0,25€/m³
1. Total investment costs: 6,65-7,75 €/m³
2. Average costs for transport and on-site handling 3,00-4,00- €/m³
 Repairs, maintenance, electricity costs1,00€/m³
 Average wage costs for monitoring and maintenance1,00-1,50€/m³
3. Annual maintenance costs 2,00-2,50 €/m³
4 Costs for recultivation 0,15-1,00 €/m³
 Total costs of wet storage over a period of one year11,80-15,25€/m³
*Costs will increase accordingly where roads need to be built from scratch, bearing capacity has to be increased, or a new transformer needs to be installed.

Storage of timber on behalf of third parties

  • The forestry administration of Baden-Wuerttemberg charged 2.50 €/m³ plus VAT during the first year after “Lothar” and 0.21 €/m³ plus VAT for every consecutive month thereafter for storing timber on behalf of third parties (private forest owners, public corporations).
  • With long-term storage, settling day was May 1 of the year or the last day of rolling out. Costs for storing timber on behalf of third parties are liable for VAT.
  • The charges mentioned above are calculated based on a minimum of timber stored per site. As the fixed costs are relatively high, the operator has to ensure a minimum occupancy of the landing. Where transport distances allow it, neighbouring forest districts should aim for concerted actions.

Storage for ensuring summer supply for saw mills (no calamity)

In addition to land rent, the costs for renting technical equipment need to be taken into account if the wet storage landing is rent out as a whole to a saw mill or other clients.

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