Large scale insect calamities present a danger to forest enterprises. But even small scale devaluations in timber can add up to large losses. Counter-measures are often time consuming and must be expertly deployed.

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Alternative Control Measures for Wood and Bark Boring Insects

Alternative control measures can be applied to reduce wood and bark boring insects. (28)
Prevention and Control of Wood Boring Insects

After storm damages there is often a proliferation of wood boring species as well as bark boring species. They can do considerable economical damage.

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The silver fir woolly aphid (Dreyfusia nordmannianae)

Around 1840, the silver fir woolly aphid Dreyfusia nordmannianae, an aggressive insect which mainly attacks young fir trees, was introduced to central Europe from the Black Sea region. Here you will find more information about this insect. (23)
Bark Breeding Beetles on Silver Fir – Biology and Forestry Measures

Unlike the spruce bark beetles, the bark breeding beetles on silver fir are not very well known. The fact that most species partly develop within the sapwood makes an effective countermeasure more difficult.

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Global Warming: Invasion of New Pests in our Forests

Global warming favours the migration of forest pests from warmer regions into Austria, naturally or through importation. Worldwide trading facilitates the introduction of forest and wood pests from package wood. (20)
Bark-Beetle Monitoring in Austria

A great benefit of bark beetle monitoring is its topicality and availability via Internet. Forest owners, forest managers or advisors will get a good overview of the risk of bark beetle infestation in their region, allowing them to assess the situation individually in combination with weather conditions.

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The Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar)

The gypsy moth is a particular thermophile moth. Despite numerous natural predators, after warm and dry early summer seasons the population of the moth tends to an outbreak which affects the growth of trees and may be troublesome to men.

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