Forest protection

Forest protection

Loss events such as windfall, bark beetle or game damage present an ever re-occurring challenge to forest staff. These very complex relationships need careful evaluation. Therefore extensive knowledge of causes and counter-measures is essential.

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Types and Strategies of Forest Fire Fighting

What types of fire fighting methods can be applied to different sorts of forest fires and what does a successful operational plan look like? These questions, essential for safely and successfully fighting a forest fire, are answered in this article.

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Code of behaviour in forest fire risk areas

This answers common questions relating to forest fire precautions: What are the statutory regulations in forest fire risk areas and how should I behave there? What do I have to do when a fire breaks out in a forest?

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Legal basis for forest fire prevention

This article provides information about possible means of financial support and legal regulations in Germany and Austria as well as responsibilities of forest owners to assist in forest fire prevention. (21)
Public education to prevent forest fires

Forest fires can often be traced back to the careless actions of the public. Therefore an information policy and raising public awareness are important components of forest fire prevention. Which issues should be focussed on?

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Silvicultural measures to prevent forest fires

Silvicultural measures such as forest conversion from a pine monoculture or creating fire breaks and protective strips with fire retardant vegetation significantly reduce the risk of forest fire. (21)
Technical measures to prevent forest fires

What are the things to consider to successfully confront a forest fire? Water extraction points, good roading infrastructure, a functioning monitoring system and a practiced fire fighting team are the keys to success.

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Financial provisions and forest fire risks

The damages caused by forest fires involve not only capital losses, but also reforestation and fire fighting costs. Various means are available to forest owners to cope with the financial impacts of such damaging events.

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Forest fires in Germany

Forest fires seldom occur naturally. They can usually be traced back to human activities. This article provides an overview of the causes and behaviour of forest fires as well as high risk areas.

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Forest fire prediction

Forest fire warning levels provide information about the risk of forest fire and help implement the appropriate prevention measures.

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Forest fire monitoring

The early detection of forest fires can significantly reduce the extent of damage. Today this means using the most up-to-date technical equipment.

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