Fungi and lichens

Fungi and lichens

Although well concealed the forest is actually full of fungi. Many of them, such as the mycorrhiza fungi, live in symbiosis with trees facilitating their up-take of water and nutrition. In return they receive sugar and carbohydrates. Other fungi decompose wood or cause tree diseases. In conjunction with algae they form lichens. It is impossible to imagine the forest without them.

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Fungi as pioneers after fire

Large trees weakened by fire provide ideal conditions for fungal colonisation. The Research Institute WSL is investigating the reaction of beech, oak and chestnut trees to forest fires and observing which fungi colonise the trees. (26)
Red List: More than one-third of the Swiss lichens are endangered

Lichens grow in both glowing deserts and in the Arctic. In Switzerland however, they are fighting for their survival. More than one-third of the investigated species is endangered and is therefore included in the Red List.

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Swissfungi: online distribution maps of mushrooms in Switzerland

Do the yellow bolets and the chanterelles grow in the neighboring forests of my home? Where does the octopus stinkhorn grow? What is the distribution area of the stinkhorn? Swissfungi knows the answer.

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