Storm and snow damage

Storm and snow damage

A basic requirement for successful management is a consequent and early upbringing of stable individual trees and stands in areas at risk.

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Soft rime and snow-break – when ice and snow bend the branches

Snow and ice damage inflict time and again large damages. They expose weak points for insects and fungi, incremental losses and subsequent throws can also throw operations off the track and lead to economic damages. (4)
Avalanche: foundations for effective protection

An effective avalanche protection depends on many factors: protection forests, protection barriers and an avalanche warning system are important prerequisites for example. This article outlines how avalanches happen and what you can do about them. (12)
Storm Handbook – Coping with Storm Damaged Timber

A major incident storm - lots of work has to be organised in little time. This handbook is based on the experiences coping with the storm "Lothar" and provides supporting information to relevant themes.

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The Forest Damage Compensation Law

If national impacts on the timber market due to a storm catastrophe are expected, it's possible to reduce the regular cut in other non affected federal states by the Forest Damage Compensation Law.

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Foundation of a Solidarity Community

The foundation of a solidarity community offers key benefits when coping with storm damages. The community of Gengenbach exemplified this after storm "Lothar". (13)
Survey of Damages after Storm Events

Exact information on the extent of storm damage is important to forestry offices/ forest authorities, forest districts as well as for forest administration management planning, organising and coping with the storm's aftermath.

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Integrated Forest Protection after Calamities

Forest protection problems – mostly bark beetle calamities – mainly follow storm calamities. Integrated Forest Protection can be an important instrument for preventive measures. (77)
A storm event – first measures

Risk to life? Important roads are barred? Which measures should be taken first after a storm event? (31)
Strategies for storm damage management

How to find the best strategy for storm damage management? Several factors are to be considered. A reasonable way is to have a common strategy for all affected owners.

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Order of harvesting and processing storm-damaged timber – proceeding in Baden-Württemberg after "Lothar"

Different timber, different assortments, different quality. Before starting processing storm damages you should be clear about the best order of processing.

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