Forest protection

Forest protection

Loss events such as windfall, bark beetle or game damage present an ever re-occurring challenge to forest staff. These very complex relationships need careful evaluation. Therefore extensive knowledge of causes and counter-measures is essential.

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Forest Fire Handbook

Forest fires in Central Europe usually arise from careless actions rather than from natural events. They cause significant damage throughout Europe each year. This handbook provides information about predicting, preventing and fighting forest fires.

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Forest Crises Management Advisory Guide

This advisory guideline should help people to be well prepared in a crisis situation and to effectively cope with resulting damages. This collaborative project is still being developed: additional articles will be posted on as they are completed.

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The risks of introduced fungal diseases for forest trees

During the course of evolution a balance has been established between indigenous species and their diseases. However, if pathogens spread into new areas with potential new host plants then epidemics can develop. Some of these epidemics have made history. (55)
Storm Handbook – Coping with Storm Damaged Timber

A major incident storm - lots of work has to be organised in little time. This handbook is based on the experiences coping with the storm "Lothar" and provides supporting information to relevant themes.

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The Forest Damage Compensation Law

If national impacts on the timber market due to a storm catastrophe are expected, it's possible to reduce the regular cut in other non affected federal states by the Forest Damage Compensation Law.

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Foundation of a Solidarity Community

The foundation of a solidarity community offers key benefits when coping with storm damages. The community of Gengenbach exemplified this after storm "Lothar".

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Survey of Damages after Storm Events

Exact information on the extent of storm damage is important to forestry offices/ forest authorities, forest districts as well as for forest administration management planning, organising and coping with the storm's aftermath.

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Chestnut blight north of the Swiss Alps is biologically controllable

Chestnut blight can be controlled with a so called hypovirus, but up to present it has not been possible to wipe it out north of the Swiss Alps.

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Prevention and Control of Bark Boring Insects

The most effective way of reducing bark beetle damage to conifers is "clean" forest practise.

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Alternative Control Measures for Wood and Bark Boring Insects

Alternative control measures can be applied to reduce wood and bark boring insects.

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