Forest protection

Forest protection

Loss events such as windfall, bark beetle or game damage present an ever re-occurring challenge to forest staff. These very complex relationships need careful evaluation. Therefore extensive knowledge of causes and counter-measures is essential.

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The invasive Asian longhorned beetle

An information sheet outlines the life cycle and significance of two non-native longhorned beetles, explains how to differentiate between them and native species, and sets out ways to combat infestation.

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Measures against insect pests

We see that certain insect species can, through an outbreak, cause problems and therefore appropriate action must be taken. In this article we have collected web links and information about this topic.

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Prevention of damage from insects – prevention is better than cure

Near-natural forests are the best prevention for a potential pest outbreak. But other measures can be productive too. In this article we have collected web links and information about this topic. (26)
Who's eating my forest? Insect knowledge and identification

For the correct monitoring and application of defensive measures one should identify insect pests as early as possible. Here you can see how you can identify insect pests with books or internet sites or check to see if there is an expert who can help you further. (12)
The monitoring and prognosis of insect pests

The most important forest insects are monitored using different methods. With this information one can draw conclusions about the size of the populations, recognize hazards and take the appropriate defensive measures.

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The effect of mice, deer and blackberries on naturally regenerated English oaks

During the process of natural regeneration a large number of forest trees die in the germination or seedling phase. This is especially the case with oak trees which are the preferred browsing of hoofed game. The results of the following case study illustrate

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Invasive Neophytes in the Forest

In Switzerland more and more alien plant species are making an appearance in the forests. When these species escape into the wild, and appear in large numbers, they can eliminate indigenous species, cause economic damage or affect people’s health.

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Crisis Management Handbook

Crisis management – do I need this in my forest? The answer is "Yes"! Hurricanes, forest fires, public dissatisfaction or badly injured forestry workers are only some of the examples of crises and catastrophes which require crisis management by a forestry enterprise.

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Scenario planning – a glimpse into the future

Storms, forest fires, insects or accidents – there are many crisis situations even in forestry. This handbook will help you to prepare for such situations and to cope with them. (38)
Forest fire fighting crews and equipment

Fighting a forest fire is hard manual labour. Heavy machinery and helicopters are also deployed. In this article a fire crew’s equipment, their fire fighting options and required resources are presented.

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