Storage and conservation

Storage and conservation

Due to the storms in the last decades knowledge about storage and conservation techniques has, by being adapted to current requirements, made enormous progress.

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Long-term storage of roundwood – an overview of methods

In the wake of storm calamities, the forestry industry is often faced with having to log and then sell or store huge volumes of timber. With the right approaches to storing the roundwood, economic damage can however be kept to a minimum.

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27.02.2008 Wet Storage - Costs
Wet Storage - Costs

This article answers the question:"How much does wet storage cost?"

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Wet Storage – Miscellaneous

A lot of things should be considered in advance if you’re planning to build a wet storage site. (21)
Wet Storage – Winter Operation

This article shows how the irrigation system needs to be handled in winter to prevent the timber and the system itself from damage.

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Wet Storage – Armillaria Infection

Sometimes Armillaria mellea can spread in wet stored timber over bark independent from irrigation system and quality. (15)
Timber Storage – Log conservation under Oxygen Exclusion

Logs stored under oxygen exclusion can be an option especially for valuable logs.

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Timber Storage – Dry Storage

You are going to plan a dry storage for timber? Everything to be considered is listed in this recommendation.

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Wet Storage – Site Preparation

How to prepare suitable wet storage sites.

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Wet Storage - Organising Storage and Removal of Timber

Some rules to sustain the quality of timber and to keep track of wet storage.

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Wet Storage - Basics

Advantages and drawbacks of wet storage at a glance.

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