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Originalartikel: Odenthal-Kahabka, J. (2005): Handreichung Sturmschadensbewältigung. Hrsg. Landesforstverwaltung Baden-Württemberg und Landesforsten Rheinland-Pfalz.
Autor(en): J. Odenthal-Kahabka
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Wet Storage - Organising Storage and Removal of Timber

Stack construction

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Sauber aufgeschichtetes Holzpolter
Pic. 1: Well built stack. Photo R. Willmann
Schema Polteraufbau
Fig. 1: Disadvantageous: Vertical front side.           Good: Front side leaning backwards.
Schema Boxentrennung
Fig. 2: Options for separating different units.


Monitoring timber removal

LkW beim Einlagern
LKW vor Nasslager
Pic. 2+3: Photos R. Willmann

Documentation of removal of timber from wet storage sites has been neglected frequently in the past. However, real-time data on state of removal is necessary for superordinate controlling to deal successfully with matters of markets and budget. An estimate on the current state of removal can be formed by looking up sales from previous years. A sufficient overview can only be gained by consistent accounting.

Timber quality at the time of rolling in

Documentation of timber qualityt

Risk of deterioration of quality