Timber and markets

Timber and markets

What finally counts is how much money is left over – the profit. In this rubric there are articles about round timber value added and process optimisation: starting with a look at the raw timber lying in the stand, then through storage, grading and transport all the way up  to its marketing. Another topic is the booming area of bio-energy. Insights are also given into the saw mill and timber industries.

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Wet Storage - Basics

Advantages and drawbacks of wet storage at a glance.

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Wet Storage – Site Preparation

How to prepare suitable wet storage sites. (31)
Wet Storage - Organising Storage and Removal of Timber

Some rules to sustain the quality of timber and to keep track of wet storage.

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Wet Storage – Water Extraction and Irrigation Systems

This article deals with all important questions about water extraction and irrigation systems.

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27.02.2008 Wet Storage - Costs
Wet Storage - Costs

This article answers the question:"How much does wet storage cost?"

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Wet Storage – Miscellaneous

A lot of things should be considered in advance if you’re planning to build a wet storage site. (61)
Wet Storage – Winter Operation

This article shows how the irrigation system needs to be handled in winter to prevent the timber and the system itself from damage.

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Wet Storage – Armillaria Infection

Sometimes Armillaria mellea can spread in wet stored timber over bark independent from irrigation system and quality.

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East European Potential for Synthetic Gas Production out of Timber

Timber is becoming more important as a raw material for fuel. In which regions can timber be turned into fuel and transported to its end destination most economically? (17)
Wood – A versatile, renewable energy resource

Since the amount of energy wood is limited, the focus should be on the most valuable energetic uses. Paul Scherrer Institute (PSI) has developed a method to transform wood into synthetic natural gas.

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