Timber and markets

Timber and markets

What finally counts is how much money is left over – the profit. In this rubric there are articles about round timber value added and process optimisation: starting with a look at the raw timber lying in the stand, then through storage, grading and transport all the way up  to its marketing. Another topic is the booming area of bio-energy. Insights are also given into the saw mill and timber industries.

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Utilisation of the sweet chestnut

Roasted chestnuts are a pleasure. But the fruits of the sweet chestnut are not the only thing we can use from this special tree. It also provides delicious honey and valuable wood.

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Long-term storage of roundwood – an overview of methods

In the wake of storm calamities, the forestry industry is often faced with having to log and then sell or store huge volumes of timber. With the right approaches to storing the roundwood, economic damage can however be kept to a minimum. (20)
The bark of Norway spruce and Silver fir – thinner than expected

Bark thickness is a measurement for assessing economic value of roundwood and for estimating wood and bark biomass. The currently applied bark deduction values in Germany are based on measurements in the 1970s. The objectives were to test their suitability for different bucking patterns and stem segments.

The potential, opportunities and risks of using energy wood

The planned implementation of the energy transition is likely to place increasing pressure on natural resources. This raises the question of the potential, opportunities and risks associated with the use of wood for energy in Switzerland. (60)
Timber Haulage by Ship

For the first time after the "Lothar" stormlarge amounts of timber from Baden-Wuerttemberg was shipped to customers. The immense organisational effort demands careful planning and coordination.

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Alternative Trucks for Timber Haulage

Not only to avoid transportation shortages during catastrophes but also in normal times, truck transport systems with containers or trailers are an interesting alternative to common timber trucks.

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Timber Haulage by Railway

For long distance transportation of timber after storm events the railway is a cost efficient alternative. Thereby additionally capacities for short distance transportation are made available. The article shows what has to be taken into consideration when organising transportation by railway.

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Chipper Application when coping with Storm Damages

It is possible to use storm damaged timber for wood chip production. Whether the processing is profitable or not depends on different factors. (18)
Timber Storage – Dry Storage

You are going to plan a dry storage for timber? Everything to be considered is listed in this recommendation.

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Timber Storage – Storage Over Bark

The simplest way to store storm-damaged timber is the storage over bark alongside forest roads - if the period of time between processing and transport to the customer is known. (20)
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