Protective function

Protective function

Erosion, landslides and rock falls in the mountains, flooding along rivers and snow and avalanches in winter. These are all dangers which occur in nature. The forest helps to minimise these events and to protect us from natural hazards.

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Plant diversity protects against landslides

Landslides repeatedly cause major damage in Switzerland. A report describes how soil stability can be improved long-term with relatively little input. Modified forest management practices and diverse vegetation can play an especially significant and cost-effective role.

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More effective avalanche protection forests in the Alps

Forests are spreading increasingly into alpine areas, but are they really returning to where they are most useful, for instance, to steep avalanche release areas? (65)
Hydrological Effects of Mountain Forests

The increase in frequency of extreme events such as floods, mudflows and landslides has led to many questions concerning the efficiency of technical control measures, methods of biological engineering and surface management of concerned areas.

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Avalanches Create New Habitats for Plants and Animals

Avalanches not only destroy habitats, but they can also create new ones. A study shows that the biodiversity within avalanche tracks is highly increased compared to the surrounding forest. The more avalanches occur, the more significant the difference becomes.

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