Nature conservation

Nature conservation

Current research results on long term biodiversity protection and the sustainable performance of the ecosystem within the forest are presented here. Reliable techniques for monitoring the ecosystem are indispensible in order to be able to evaluate the success of measures taken.

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2. Results of the cartographic survey of water bodies in forests

Part 2 of the "Cartographic survey of wetlands in the Alsatian public forests of the Vosges" by the ONF: Results.

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3. Management Recommendations near Wetlands

Part 3 of the "Cartographic survey of wetlands in the Alsatian public forests of the Vosges" by the ONF: Management Recommendations

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Effective Forest Management Techniques for Watercourses

In this article the influence of forest management measures on forest watercourses are examined and evaluated. It mainly deals with timber extraction, use and finally forestry planning. (4)
Influence of Forest Management on Water Quality

Forest management measures have greater or lesser influences on the water quality of forest streams. Using four different case studies this interrelationship is examined and forestry options to guide water quality are derived.

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Ecosystem-friendly Forestry at Streams in Low Mountain Ranges

Forestry use of stands along sensitive streams does not have to be bad for these watercourses. Appropriate forest management can rule out negative consequences for these watercourses.

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Promoting lungwort through commercial use

Like many other indigenous lichen species lungwort is threatened. In Switzerland it is protected. However, lungwort would be better served if an ingenious plan was put into practice. A cough syrup producer is aiming at acquiring a collection permit. (22)
Mire protection in Switzerland – conclusion after 20 years

Mires and mire landscapes of exceptional beauty and national importance have been protected in Switzerland since 1987. How effective has this protection been?

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Alluvial zones in Switzerland

Alluvial zones represent a transitional area between land and water, where elements of wilderness and natural dynamics can still be observed. Floods and dry periods, erosion and sediment deposition give rise to constant transformations.

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