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3. Management Recommendations near Wetlands

Steinfliege (Perlidae)
Fig. 1: Some species of stoneflies (Perlidae) are indicators of water quality. (Photo: FVA/Haas)

Wetland management in forests is part of the protection and enhancement measures of biodiversity and water resources, whereby two main goals are paramount:

Maintaining and recreating wetland functionality

Goal: Wetlands are characterised by their close connection to water. Changes to the water supply and the hydromorphic characteristics of these habitats can directly endanger their continued existence. The functionality of a wetland must therefore be safeguarded at the scale of its water catchment and not be limited to just the wetland itself.

Management measures

A differentiated forest management

Goal: From a silviculture perspective it is important to maintain and enhance natural forests suited to wetlands and to sustain a diversified, multilayered margin (shrub layer and especially tree species which allow light penetration). Apart from the natural habitats of pine-spruce forests and moor-Scotch Pine forests, it is very important to reduce the pressure of allochthonous spruce forests (Spruce, Douglas Pine, Weymouth-Scotch Pine etc.)

Silviculture measures

Wetland compatible timber harvesting

Control of invasive, exotic plants in wetlands

Goal: Maintenance or recreation of semi-natural habitats

Management measures: At the moment forests are keeping the impacts of invasive plants under control, however preventative measures should be considered in forest wetlands to prevent the spread of invasive plant species.

Article series: Cartographic survey of water bodies in the Vosges and Alsatian Jura mountain ranges by the ONF.


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