Tree species portraits, as well as species and area descriptions are used to provide different views on indigenous, imported and foreign conifer trees.

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The Queen of the Alps – the Swiss Stone Pine

The five-needled Swiss stone pine is perfectly suited to harsh mountain climates where it braves wind and weather its whole life long. It also has a symbiotic relationship with the nutcracker which disperses its seeds year after year.

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Distribution and occurrence of yew trees in Switzerland

The yew tree population in Switzerland plays an important role in the conservation of this species in western and central Europe. The biggest challenge is protecting young plants from browsing by game.

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The Scots Pine – Tree of the year 2007

The Scot's pine is known in German speaking countries by several different names. The "resin tree" or "pitch tree" are just two names that are reminiscent of past uses. (32)
A Queen with meaningful chances

The silver fir was elected "tree of the year 2004" and really deserves being the focus of interest in public and forestry. (31)
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