Deciduous trees are green in summer, colourful in autumn and bare in winter. Just as varied as the species are their leaf forms. 

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11.04.2020 In and on the oak
In and on the oak

The oak is not only home to many different species of insects. Many species of fungus also live on and in them. This tree species supports more life forms than any other native trees here, and it is thus very important for the biodiversity.

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Pioneer tree species: ecologically valuable

Pioneer tree species such as goat willow, aspen, silver birch, bird cherry or rowan/mountain ash are the engine of ecological succession in the forest. But why are these tree species so important for the biodiversity of the forest?

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The European White Elm defies Dutch Elm Disease

Of the three native elm species, the European white elm is the only one to resist Dutch elm disease. As a floodplain species, it grows large buttress roots and resembles trees in tropical swamp forests. As elm wood is so rare, its price has also more than doubled in recent years.

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The Sweet Chestnut: A Source of Food and Timber

The sweet chestnut was the German tree of the year in 2018. The Romans brought it here 2000 years ago, and it has provided food and wood ever since. The sweet chestnut is a warmth- and light-loving tree species that today grows primarily in southwestern Germany, in the grape-growing climate.

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The black poplar (Populus nigra)

The black poplar is one of the rarest and most endangered species of tree. The main reason is the eradication of the alluvial areas which are their natural habitats. However, the cultivation of hybrid poplars also contributes to the decline of this tree species which is in danger of extinction.

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European Beech (Fagus sylvatica) – Portrait of a Tree Species

European beech may well reach an age of 300 years and, in rare cases, even 500 years. Also, it may reach over 40 m in height.

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