Torrent and erosion

Torrent and erosion

Ecological know how about torrent damage protection, which is also compatible to the landscape, is particularly well developed in Alpine countries because the endangered areas are often situated in well frequented tourist regions.

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Flooding, erosion and stagnant moisture

Heavy rains are weather extremes which are difficult to deal with. There are studies and measures to protect the forest and the population. This article describes the buffering effect of forests as well as the problematic conditions of flood protection.

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Structural safety of timber structures used in torrent control

Timber is a valuable material used for building check dams in torrents. However, due to natural decomposition mechanical strength can decline in the course of time. How well do wooden check dams perform after 60 years? (29)
Soil stability: When porcini, chanterelle and co. make common cause with plants

Previously engineers used concrete and steel to stabilize landslip. Bioengineering uses nature, especially plants, for areal protection.

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