Forest inventory and remote sensing

Forest inventory and remote sensing

Correct meaningful data about the state of the forest and its growing stock provide an indispensible basis for a modern multi-functional forestry management. The current state of knowledge on survey and analysis methods, on current findings and developments are summed up in this rubric.

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MOTI: a pocket-sized tool for forest inventories

An application developed by Swiss researchers at the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL) makes it possible to collect forest inventory data, such as the basal area or tree height, with your smartphone.

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Forest Report 2015: Condition and Use of Swiss Forests

The Forest Report provides information about the condition of the Swiss forests. It allows insights into the forest in all its facets, and serves as a reference book for both experts and laypeople. (21)
Third National Forest Inventory (BWI3)

The results of the third Federal (National) Forest Inventory ("Bundeswaldinventur" BWI) were published in October, 2014, providing a positive summary regarding the state and the development of the forest during the last decade.

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Inventory of the Largest Primeval Beech Forest in Europe

Primeval forests are most valuable reference systems for comparisons with managed forests and forest reserves. Researcher from Switzerland and Ukraine carried out a sampling inventory of the Uholka-Shyrokyi Luh forest to obtain representative data for the main forest parameters.

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PROGNAUS – A Forest Growth Model for Inventory Data Update

The Institute for Forest Growth Research of the Austrian University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources in Vienna has developed the distance independent single tree forest forest growth model PROGNAUS.

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