Technique and planning

Technique and planning

Many technical aspects need to be taken into account when working in the forest. An important one of which is the technology used in the forest during timber harvesting. At the same time immense progress is being made in forest planning. Remote sensing and new methods of inventory taking are leading to new methods of analysis. Forest enterprises as well as society as a whole must learn to cope with natural hazards. Sometimes the forest itself constitutes an object in need of protection.

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Forestry Equipment and machinery database

The BFW forestry equipment and machinery database contains data from approximately 750 forestry machinery and equipment and allows the calculation of the cost of the equipment and machinery involved in a timber supply chain.

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Inventory of the Largest Primeval Beech Forest in Europe

Primeval forests are most valuable reference systems for comparisons with managed forests and forest reserves. Researcher from Switzerland and Ukraine carried out a sampling inventory of the Uholka-Shyrokyi Luh forest to obtain representative data for the main forest parameters.

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Mechanised Timber Harvesting on Steep Slopes

Harvesting and timber transportation are the most important cost factors in the logistic chain from forest to factory. There is potential here for an increase in efficiency. Using four examples this article will show how mechanised timber harvesting methods on steep slopes can be optimally used.

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Soil microorganisms as indicators for heavily compacted wheel tracks

Soil microorganisms are good indicators for mechanical pressure on soil, because they register the effects on the spot. They can, for example, be used as indicators for heavily compacted wheel tracks. (31)
Structural safety of timber structures used in torrent control

Timber is a valuable material used for building check dams in torrents. However, due to natural decomposition mechanical strength can decline in the course of time. How well do wooden check dams perform after 60 years? (31)
Beware of caterpillars with urticating hairs

Some species of caterpillars have urticating hairs which can cause extreme itching, skin irritations and damage to eyes and the respiratory system. Therefore care must be taken during work being carried out along the edge of forests, on embankments or whilst tending trees. (80)
Harvesting Methods for Windthrown Timber

Which harvesting method is most suitable when coping with storm damages? Depending on conditions and availability of machines different combinations are possible. (29)
Salvage Logging of Storm Damaged Timber

Safety training, organising the supporting machines, instruction of contractors, maintaining quality standards … Many things have to be taken into consideration for a safe and clean salvage logging. (83)
Work Safety when Processing Storm Damaged Timber

Dangerous situations - at the beginning of logging due to safe practices being underestimated or overlooked and later on as work becomes routine and is treated light-heartedly.

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PROGNAUS – A Forest Growth Model for Inventory Data Update

The Institute for Forest Growth Research of the Austrian University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources in Vienna has developed the distance independent single tree forest forest growth model PROGNAUS.

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