Technique and planning

Technique and planning

Many technical aspects need to be taken into account when working in the forest. An important one of which is the technology used in the forest during timber harvesting. At the same time immense progress is being made in forest planning. Remote sensing and new methods of inventory taking are leading to new methods of analysis. Forest enterprises as well as society as a whole must learn to cope with natural hazards. Sometimes the forest itself constitutes an object in need of protection.

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Over and above slopes and wetlands: extracting timber with a small cableway

Time to get the timber out of the forest! But how do we do it on slopes that are too steep, or where the ground is too wet? Is a small cableway possibly the solution?

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Side slope stabilisation on unstable ground

The construction of forest tracks can be a real challenge if the underlying soil is very soft. If this is the case, geogrids can be used to stabilise the side slopes.

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Productivity models for wood harvesting operations

The productivity model HeProMo allows to estimate productivity and costs of different harvesting operations. (45)
MOTI: a pocket-sized tool for forest inventories

An application developed by Swiss researchers at the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL) makes it possible to collect forest inventory data, such as the basal area or tree height, with your smartphone.

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Urban Forestry – A chance for forest management

The populace is moving into the cities at an increased pace and city parks and green areas offer a pleasant climate. Urban forestry provides an opportunity to express the importance of trees, forests and forestry to the general public.

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What are the benefits of half-loading vehicles during timber extraction?

The Swiss Federal Institute for Forest, Snow and Landscape Research WSL tested whether it would be less damaging to the soil in logging trails if vehicles were only loaded to half-capacity during timber extraction.

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Flooding, erosion and stagnant moisture

Heavy rains are weather extremes which are difficult to deal with. There are studies and measures to protect the forest and the population. This article describes the buffering effect of forests as well as the problematic conditions of flood protection. (21)
Take care of the soil

Forest soils are made up of solid substances and pores. This can be impaired or destroyed through inappropriate utilization of forestry vehicles. Factors involving the machines as well as organization should be taken into consideration. (19)
Forest Report 2015: Condition and Use of Swiss Forests

The Forest Report provides information about the condition of the Swiss forests. It allows insights into the forest in all its facets, and serves as a reference book for both experts and laypeople.

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Third National Forest Inventory (BWI3)

The results of the third Federal (National) Forest Inventory ("Bundeswaldinventur" BWI) were published in October, 2014, providing a positive summary regarding the state and the development of the forest during the last decade.

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