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Fritz Frutig

Forschungsanstalt WSL

Swiss Federal Research Institute WSL
Forest Production Systems
Zürcherstrasse 111
CH - 8903 Birmensdorf

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Author(s): Fritz Frutig, Stefan Holm, Renato Lemm, Dario Pedolin, Oliver Thees
Editorial office: WSL, Switzerland
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Calculation of harvesting operations: The productivity model HeProMo

The productivity model HeProMo (Holzernte-Produktivitäts-Modelle) enables the estimation of time consumption, productivity and costs for different harvesting operations in an easy and rapid way. Over the years the basic data of several models have become rather out-dated, for which reason, in a first step, the productivity models for "Motor-manual felling and processing", "Skidder" and "Harvester" have been updated.

Productivity models for harvesting operations

The productivity model HeProMo is based on information technology and may be used by different user groups: forest enterprises, forest operators, forest administrations, forest schools and research institutes.

The main applications are the followings:

  • Estimation of productivity and cost for wood harvesting operations (precalculation)
  • Writing and controlling of offers for wood harvesting operations
  • Sensitivity analysis: Which variables are important and what is their effect on the result)
  • Application in teaching and research.

The three updated models and the out-dated ones as well have been programmed in Java. Thus the productivity models run independently from the platform. They are user-friendly structured and each model is documented elaborately in terms of basic data and model building.

The sourcing of reliable basic data has been a great challenge at the updating of the three productivity models "Motor-manual felling and processing", "Skidder" and "Harvester". We succeeded in obtaining a lot of basic data from forest enterprises in Germany. But these data sets only have a few parameters as the data were not registered in order to build productivity models.

For this reason in the register "Models with out-dated data base" the former version of the productivity models for "Motor-manual felling and processing", "Skidder" and "Harvester" is still available. Furthermore these models may be usefull, e.g. to investigate the influence of a certain parameter on the productivity.


New version 2016
hepromo.zip (25 MB)
new Note: Unpacking the downloaded zip-file you get the file HeProMo.jar. This may be started without any installation by double-click. You need to have an up-to-date version of Java installed (at least Java 1.6).

Download and use of the productivity model HeProMo are free. In case of questions or suggestions you are kindly invited to contact Fritz Frutig (see contact box top right).

  • Translation: Fritz Frutig (WSL)

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