Forest technology and timber harvesting

Forest technology and timber harvesting

Forest management must also pay off: that is why apart from adequate work planning modern forest techniques and optimal harvesting procedures must also be available. Machine comparisons and field trials make the choice easier. However, work safety and soil protection must not be neglected.

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Work Safety when Processing Storm Damaged Timber

Dangerous situations - at the beginning of logging due to safe practices being underestimated or overlooked and later on as work becomes routine and is treated light-heartedly.

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Dealing with windblown trees

There are many complex hazards in storm-affected forests with thrown, uprooted, broken, heavily leaning and hung-up trees. Therefore, particular precautions are necessary.

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Be a professional in your own woodlot

Do you give any thought to your safety and your health when felling trees or cutting firewood? A brochure helps owners of private forests, spare-time tree fellers, farmers and forestry workers to increase safety.

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08.02.2005 HOLZERNTE Programme

A computer-aided decision support for timber harvesting and marketing sectors.

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