Forestry work

Forestry work

Anyone who works regularly with a chain saw needs specialised knowledge: how to sharpen a chain, routine maintenance and different work procedures.

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Mechanised Timber Harvesting on Steep Slopes

Harvesting and timber transportation are the most important cost factors in the logistic chain from forest to factory. There is potential here for an increase in efficiency. Using four examples this article will show how mechanised timber harvesting methods on steep slopes can be optimally used.

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Beware of caterpillars with urticating hairs

Some species of caterpillars have urticating hairs which can cause extreme itching, skin irritations and damage to eyes and the respiratory system. Therefore care must be taken during work being carried out along the edge of forests, on embankments or whilst tending trees.

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Harvesting Methods for Windthrown Timber

Which harvesting method is most suitable when coping with storm damages? Depending on conditions and availability of machines different combinations are possible.

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Salvage Logging of Storm Damaged Timber

Safety training, organising the supporting machines, instruction of contractors, maintaining quality standards … Many things have to be taken into consideration for a safe and clean salvage logging. (28)
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