If you register on My Waldwissen you will be able to profit from extra useful functions which will facilitate your use of As before, commenting on articles is restricted to registered users only due to reasons of Netiquette.

  • You can add articles which you enjoyed to your own favourites library. In this way you can, whenever you want, quickly find any articles which you particularly enjoyed or which you put to one side to read, to comment on or to rate at a later date.
  • Our recommendation service searches through articles of using information based specifically on your user profile and recommends articles which could be of interest to you.
  • If you want to follow comments being made on an article then informs you as soon as new comments appear.
  • 'My Waldwissen' shows your last read articles. In this way you do not loose track of any articles whilst surfing through the portal.
  • You can subscribe to Dossiers: informs you as soon as a new article has been added to dossiers.

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