Forest education

Forest education

Forest kindergartens, guided tours for schools or holiday programmes – forest education has many facets. Children and adolescents are the decision makers of the future. Forest education imparts knowledge about the forest and forestry management in a fun sort of way. Once the foundations are laid it is hoped that they will, as adults, be able to appreciate the multi-functional sustainable use of the forest and will help to promote it.

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Forests and human health – a topic for Forestpedagogy?

Forest and human health – here forestry can provide much for people. Forestpedagogic activities around "Doctor Forest" are especially useful.

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10 years of networking in Europe - outlook

The public interest in forest is rising. Foresters and forest owners should perceive this as a chance and share their knowledge about forest with the interested population. In this process forestpedagogy is playing a decisive role.

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More than telling about forests

In the last ten years the Europe-wide cooperation in forestpedagogy developed rapidly. The Subgroup-Forestpedagogy is in favor of raising awareness and place-value of forestpedgogy in the forest sector and in society. (40)
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