Learning and teaching

Learning and teaching

In and around the forest there is much to be discovered and learnt; not only by children but also by adults and even by “old hands” in forestry. Forest education is used to teach children and adolescents about the forest; adults mainly obtain their information through forest public relations; foresters are introduced to new concepts during their education and training; whilst in the rubrics forest history or world forestry there is something on offer for everyone.

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Silviculture of Silver Birch in Finland

Silver Birch as the national tree is of prime importance in Finland. Furthermore it’s an important alternative to Norway spruce and Scots pine. Even under the climatic limited growth conditions there it is possible to produce birch timber of high quality. (76)
Public Relations after Storm Events

Due to storm damage coverage, the forest and forestry receives a broad media response ("Only bad news is good news"). Ongoing media coverage of well chosen topics helps the public build a positive image of forest enterprises.

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Synthetic Fiber Ropes for Forestry Use

Synthetic fiber ropes for forestry use are offered by several manufacturers. According to studies, fiber ropes offer a wide range of advantages in comparison to steel wire ropes. (54)
Book: Trees at their Upper Limit

The book "Trees at their Upper Limit" presents a complete modern synthesis of current knowledge on the ecophysiology of tree growth and survival on high mountains in Europe. (28)
The History of the Chainsaw

The first chainsaws were developed in the 1920’s. The development of the motorised saw led to an increase in timber production comparable to that which occurred when the non motorised saw took the place of the axe.

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