Learning and teaching

Learning and teaching

In and around the forest there is much to be discovered and learnt; not only by children but also by adults and even by “old hands” in forestry. Forest education is used to teach children and adolescents about the forest; adults mainly obtain their information through forest public relations; foresters are introduced to new concepts during their education and training; whilst in the rubrics forest history or world forestry there is something on offer for everyone.

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Forests and human health – a topic for Forestpedagogy?

Forest and human health – here forestry can provide much for people. Forestpedagogic activities around "Doctor Forest" are especially useful.

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Sinneswandeln – changing perceptions

Near Würzburg in northern Bavaria, a barrier-free forest experience trail has been created. The trail can be negotiated independently by visitors both with and without disabilities, and that gives everyone something new to try out.

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10 years of networking in Europe - outlook

The public interest in forest is rising. Foresters and forest owners should perceive this as a chance and share their knowledge about forest with the interested population. In this process forestpedagogy is playing a decisive role.

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More than telling about forests

In the last ten years the Europe-wide cooperation in forestpedagogy developed rapidly. The Subgroup-Forestpedagogy is in favor of raising awareness and place-value of forestpedgogy in the forest sector and in society. (40)
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Microscopic Preparation Techniques for Plant Stem Analysis

The authors aim to present basic preparation techniques in wood anatomy, in an understandable way and supported by many photographs and illustrations. Practical tips and tricks are given.

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Well prepared in a crisis

Maintaining public relations during a crisis is hard and unfamiliar work because the image of the enterprise is at stake. How does one prepare for such serious situations so that crisis communications run smoothly?

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Crisis communication 101

Crisis communication is not rocket science. Who goes into a crisis well prepared will come out of it more easily and rapidly. Learn about the principles of crisis communication in this article. (28)
Public relations in times of difficulty

Crisis communication in the forest? Oh yes! So that the public and staff continue to trust and believe in an organisation after a storm event or accident, a transparent crisis communication is indispensible. (30)
Dictionary Environment and Forestry

Beyond the scope of standard dictionaries you often cannot find relevant forestry terms. The "Dictionary Environment and Forestry" includes more than 30.000 terms related to environment and forestry.

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Silviculture of Silver Birch in Finland

Silver Birch as the national tree is of prime importance in Finland. Furthermore it’s an important alternative to Norway spruce and Scots pine. Even under the climatic limited growth conditions there it is possible to produce birch timber of high quality.

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