Dendrochronological Database

This relational tree ring database contains tree ring data as well as their documentation and spatial information. All information is available over World Wide Web.

About the data

Almost all samples contained in the data collection were taken near the northern timberline or near the altitude timberline. In these extreme habitats, climatic conditions (mostly temperature) are known to have major influences on tree ring properties. Analysis of these tree ring data for reconstructing palaeoclimatic conditions has therefore been of interest to many scientists. About 14'000 cores of more than 40 tree species have been collected at about 600 locations all over the northern hemisphere. Then, for each sample and each tree ring, several parameters were measured:

  • minimum density
  • maximum density
  • earlywood density
  • latewood density
  • earlywood width
  • latewood width
  • ring width
  • approx. pith date

Accessing the data

The dendrochronological data can be accessed by two web-based and linked applications:

  1. The Dendro Database Surfer: A database browser allows to search for all attribute data and browse through the database.
  2. The Dendrochronology GIS: A GIS viewer serves to perform spatial queries on the database. All sample locations are plotted on a World Vegetation Cover Map.