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Forest management and nature conservation in the Upper Rhine

With the expansion of the Rhine, local conditions within the Rhine floodplain have fundamentally changed regarding water regime.

The potential, opportunities and risks of using energy wood

The planned implementation of the energy transition is likely to place increasing pressure on natural resources. This raises the question of the potential, opportunities and risks associated with the use of wood for energy in Switzerland.

Harvest-induced bark damage: a package of research projects

When trees are harvested, it is virtually impossible to avoid that a number of the remaining trees will suffer harvest related damage. However, there is evidence that in forest practice the amount of bark damage inflicted during a harvest operation often exceeds tolerable levels.

Third National Forest Inventory (BWI3)

The results of the third Federal (National) Forest Inventory ("Bundeswaldinventur" BWI) were published in October, 2014, providing a positive summary regarding the state and the development of the forest during the last decade.

Analysis of the Forest Europe process

The Forest Europe process since its establishment has become a well-recognised European forest policy forum that accomplished a large number of relevant forest policy decisions and policy instruments including the start of legal instrument negotiations.

Two decades of natural forest reserves –  it’s getting interesting!

20 years of natural forest reserves, 195 natural forest reserves over a total area of 8403 ha – almost the size of a national park. Research in natural forest reserves is long-term research. This costs time and resources. And the long-standing observation plots are already bearing fruit.

Forestry Equipment and machinery database

The BFW forestry equipment and machinery database contains data from approximately 750 forestry machinery and equipment and allows the calculation of the cost of the equipment and machinery involved in a timber supply chain.

Impact of the cultivation of Douglas fir on forest biodiversity

A literature review compiles the current knowledge about the impact of Douglas fir on forest biodiversity and habitats. Knowledge gaps and research needs are presented.

Northern Birch Mouse was found in Bavarian Forest

Long tail and black eel back are the characteristics for distinguishing the extremely rare Northern Birch Mouse. Recently a couple of them have been found in the Bavarian Forest.

The invasive Asian longhorned beetle

An information sheet outlines the life cycle and significance of two non-native longhorned beetles, explains how to differentiate between them and native species, and sets out ways to combat infestation.

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