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Damage caused by drought

Dry cracks and dryness caused by frost are damage symptoms which can occur due to water shortages in the forest. What are the causes and what measures help when the risk is identified?

Take care of the soil

Forest soils are made up of solid substances and pores. This can be impaired or destroyed through inappropriate utilization of forestry vehicles. Factors involving the machines as well as organization should be taken into consideration.

Flooding, erosion and stagnant moisture

Heavy rains are weather extremes which are difficult to deal with. There are studies and measures to protect the forest and the population. This article describes the buffering effect of forests as well as the problematic conditions of flood protection.

How much water does the forest need?

The phenotype of forests and the growth performance of forest trees depend on the total water balance of the site. This article presents what factors play a role.

How far does pollen travel?

Tree pollen travels large distances and there is considerable intermixing of genes in forests. This has both positive and negative consequences for forest management. Small stands are rarely genetically isolated, but seeds from seed stands are less pure than expected.

Forest Report 2015: Condition and Use of Swiss Forests

The Forest Report provides information about the condition of the Swiss forests. It allows insights into the forest in all its facets, and serves as a reference book for both experts and laypeople.

Nature conservation in Bavarian forests

The condition of Bavarian forests is good. This is due in particular to forest landowners and foresters. Never the less, the topic of nature conservation in Bavarian forestry has experienced unusually intense debates, campaigns and assailments.

Biological protection measures – A Protection Forest does more than you might think

The forest provides more effective protection against natural hazards than even experts in the field believed up to now. The newly developed "Protect Bio" method enables the evaluation of this biological protection service, how a first practical test in Switzerland shows.

More than telling about forests

In the last ten years the Europe-wide cooperation in forestpedagogy developed rapidly. The Subgroup-Forestpedagogy is in favor of raising awareness and place-value of forestpedgogy in the forest sector and in society.

Rising CO2 levels are changing how fast forests cycle water

With rising levels of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere transpiration of plants may be changing. A better understanding of this process is important because changes to the water cycle can affect flooding, soil moisture, river flow, and weather changes linked to climate change.

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