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Forest Growth Areas in Austria

The present forest growth classification is designed to replace the three classification schemes which exist at the moment in Austria. However, the use of growth areas may help to make site classification easier.

PROGNAUS – A Forest Growth Model for Inventory Data Update

The Institute for Forest Growth Research of the Austrian University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources in Vienna has developed the distance independent single tree forest forest growth model PROGNAUS.

The Hurricane Lothar 1999: finding a Balance

Devastated forest slopes, blocked roads and railway tracks, destroyed real estate and numerous casualties: On 26 December 1999, the hurricane Lothar left a trail of devastation on its way through Switzerland. An event analysis is providing a balance.

The Gypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar)

The gypsy moth is a particular thermophile moth. Despite numerous natural predators, after warm and dry early summer seasons the population of the moth tends to an outbreak which affects the growth of trees and may be troublesome to men.

Dendrochronological Database

This relational tree ring database contains tree ring data as well as their documentation and spatial information. All information is available over World Wide Web.

Microscopic Wood Anatomy of Central European species

This web site is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in the anatomy of central European woods. Nevertheless it will also be useful outside of central Europe.

Cluster afforestation in mountain regions

Artificially established stands originating from afforestations tend to become uniform and thus vulnerable to pests, snow pressure and strong wind. That's why in afforestations it is advantageous to establish groups already at the time of planting.

01.01.2005 HOLZERNTE Programme

A computer-aided decision support for timber harvesting and marketing sectors.

Order of harvesting and processing storm-damaged timber – proceeding in Baden-Württemberg after "Lothar"

Different timber, different assortments, different quality. Before starting processing storm damages you should be clear about the best order of processing.

Strategies for storm damage management

How to find the best strategy for storm damage management? Several factors are to be considered. A reasonable way is to have a common strategy for all affected owners.

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