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PROGNAUS – A Forest Growth Model for Inventory Data Update

The Institute for Forest Growth Research of the Austrian University of Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources in Vienna has developed the distance independent single tree forest forest growth model PROGNAUS.

The role of predators in Mythology

The mythological meanings of the fox, the lynx and the wolf are surprisingly manifold. Besides their known negative characteristics, very positive attributes are accredited to these animals. Recognizing these positive characteristics in myths may be a successful approach to the objective of stimulating the public’s acceptance of large predators.

Underplanting of beech beneath spruce: Canopy management and harvesting regime

As a summary, the shade tolerance in seedlings is maintained by leaf orientation, morphological plasticity, low leaf construction costs, and expansion of the leaf area. As a prerequisite, species-adequate nutrient supply has to be assured.

Underplanting of beech unter spruce – site preparation and plant type

For the introduction of broadleaves under Norway spruce canopy a pathway has to be chosen from a variety of preparative measures, regeneration techniques and plant distribution patterns which are discussed in part 2.

Underplanting of beech beneath spruce: Selection of sites

It has been estimated that at least 6 to 7 million hectares of pure Norway spruce (Picea abies) in Europe is located outside its natural range. For economical and environmental reasons, restoration of the former mixed broadleaved forests is believed to be a step towards sustainable forestry.

A storm event – first measures

Risk to life? Important roads are barred? Which measures should be taken first after a storm event?

Order of harvesting and processing storm-damaged timber – proceeding in Baden-Württemberg after "Lothar"

Different timber, different assortments, different quality. Before starting processing storm damages you should be clear about the best order of processing.

Strategies for storm damage management

How to find the best strategy for storm damage management? Several factors are to be considered. A reasonable way is to have a common strategy for all affected owners.

Forest Growth Areas in Austria

The present forest growth classification is designed to replace the three classification schemes which exist at the moment in Austria. However, the use of growth areas may help to make site classification easier.

New plant and animal species – enrichment or threat to our forests?

It happens more and more often that new plant and animal species are involuntarily or artificially brought into new living spaces. This often has surprising effects. The forest as one of the most important cultivated surfaces in Germany is highly affected by such processes.

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