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Invasive Neophytes in the Forest   Plastic Ropes for Forestry Use

Invasive Neophytes in the Forest

In Switzerland more and more alien plant species are making an appearance in the forests. When these species escape into the wild, and appear in large numbers, they can eliminate indigenous species, cause economic damage or affect people’s health.


Plastic Ropes for Forestry Use

Synthetic fiber ropes for forestry use are produced by several manufacturers. They offer a wide range of advantages in comparison to steel wire ropes.

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02.07.2015 Ash dieback
Ash dieback

Ash dieback first occurred in Europe in 1992 in north-eastern Poland. In Baden-Wuerttemberg, the symptoms were first detected in plantations and natural regeneration in the spring of 2009. The FVA is studying ash dieback intensively.

Harvest-induced bark damage: a package of research projects

When trees are harvested, it is virtually impossible to avoid that a number of the remaining trees will suffer harvest related damage. However, there is evidence that in forest practice the amount of bark damage inflicted during a harvest operation often exceeds tolerable levels.

Third National Forest Inventory (BWI3)

The results of the third Federal (National) Forest Inventory ("Bundeswaldinventur" BWI) were published in October, 2014, providing a positive summary regarding the state and the development of the forest during the last decade.

Analysis of the Forest Europe process

The Forest Europe process since its establishment has become a well-recognised European forest policy forum that accomplished a large number of relevant forest policy decisions and policy instruments including the start of legal instrument negotiations.

Bioacoustic - a method to detect woodboring insects

The aim of this preliminary study was to provide a better understanding of the bioacoustics of woodboring insects in order to develop a practical method for early detection. Sound emissions from larvae of the red palm weevil, the asian longehorn beetle and longhorn beetle of the genus Monochamus were analyzed.

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