Forest fires: Public education   Fascinating mycorrhiza

Forest fires: Public education

Forest fires can often be traced back to the careless actions of the public. Therefore an information policy and raising public awareness are important components of forest fire prevention. Which issues should be focussed on?


Fascinating mycorrhiza

Everyone knows about the mushrooms in the forest, but to most people it is unknown as to why they grow mostly there and which functions they have.

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Calculation of harvesting operations: The productivity model HeProMo

The productivity model HeProMo allows to estimate productivity and costs of different harvesting operations.

MOTI: a pocket-sized tool for forest inventories

An application developed by Swiss researchers at the School of Agricultural, Forest and Food Sciences (HAFL) makes it possible to collect forest inventory data, such as the basal area or tree height, with your smartphone.

Forest protection with sessile oak

Sessile oak is a highly desired tree species. However, a few of the many residence found living on the tree are causing problems for it. It is particularly precarious for the tree when early and late defoliators appear together.

Rotting spruce trees – what can be done to control red rot?

Buyers of timber are looking for white, firm spruce timber – and are prepared to pay a good price for it. Reddish discolourations on the other hand are not very popular: beware red rot! Here the problem is not the colour but the decomposition of the wood.

Pruning for quality improvement

The production of high quality timber requires that some tree species be pruned for quality improvement. This must be done expertly and professionally to ensure success.

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